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Forget everything you’ve heard about YOUR health. There is no answer in diagnosis, the reflection in a mirror, abusive labels, or worn out excuses; but there is every reason to get moving, especially when you’re so close to any dream you dare imagine. Whether your dream is to be a stronger healthier version of yourself, turn heads with your firm glutes and 6-pack abs, or simply to silence once-and- for-all the negative voices telling you it can’t be done – “Mr. America” Butch Nieves is the coach to help you build the strong sexy body and mind you need to release your inner champion.


About the Author

Hiram “Butch” Nieves is the CEO of Mr. America’s Personal Training in The Bronx, New York. A former asthmatic with severe activity restrictions, Butch embarked on a journey to transform his health and body through fitness and bodybuilding. In the prime of his career, he was crowned Mr. America, Mr. USA, and American National Bodybuilding Champ, and placed in the top 4 of the Mr. Universe and World Championships. He’s also been featured on Good Morning America, New York One, ESPN, Late Night with David Letter, Boriqua Fitness, and dozens of Fitness and Bodybuilding magazines. Today, Butch uses his fitness experience and talents to help others get fit and discover their own inner champion.