Bronx Boot Camp

Bronx Boot Camp

Bronx Boot Camp : Intense Group Workouts

The latest trend in fitness is boot camp. A Bronx boot camp is the place to go for those people who want to experience intense physical training.

When the military needs soldiers they enlist them through various means. The young men sign paperwork, take oaths, and then pack their bags and leave home for another location. At this other location, away from their families, homes, and loved ones the newly enlisted soldiers are put through rigorous training called boot camp. Boot camp usually lasts anywhere from six to eight weeks. It involves getting up early, and the day is spent going through various activities such as climbing ropes, running obstacle courses, pushups, pull-ups, and a lot of running. This amount of exercise takes place on a daily basis. Usually by the time boot camp is over with, the young men are in amazing shape and are ready for their next level of training.

What is the appeal of such a tough workout? There is a saying about safety in numbers, but that might not necessarily be the case with those that want to work out at a boot camp. A boot camp is ideal for those that are serious about taking on the challenge of an intense, extreme workout. What else does working out at a boot camp offer besides an intense workout? Here is a list of other boot camp benefits:

Motivation: Bronx boot camp is full of motivation and inspiration! Think of it as having a cheerleader squad right there exercising along with someone cheering and encouraging whenever a person gets weary and is considering quitting. Everyone is in the same boat, running and exercising in a big group. The group mentality will also lend a hand because everyone will start together and be encouraged to finish together. What more can someone ask for than that?
Scheduling: Just like real military boot camp, there is a training schedule that is followed and rotated so the change in exercise will produce maximum results. This reinforces the routine and gives a person the discipline to stick to it. The majority of weight loss and exercise programs fail because people do not stick to them. Bronx boot camp will help you stick with the program!
Flexibility: The group size for the boot camp can vary anywhere from five to fifteen people. The time and meeting place can be decided upon by everyone in the group. The instructors will also meet up with each member of their group to determine what the goals are for each person and the best way to go about it.
The latest big thing in working out is to imitate the intense, rigorous workouts that the military uses when they train new soldiers. Bronx boot camp offers intense, rigorous workouts in groups that can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete. Yes, the regimen will be hard, but the results will work out when the summertime rolls around and you can take on a hike in the woods or look fantastic in that bikini on the beach!