Team Training

How Do You Get the Benefits of a Personal Trainer and Make It Affordable?


What is Team Training?
This is not a beginner program, but rather a program to perfect your form & training intensity to maximize results and minimize injuries.

The overall goal is to burn fat & build muscle, to motivate, inspire and educate my members on different modalities of training and nutrition.

So in other words if you do not want to train hard and do not have a growth mindset this program is not for you!

The workout is 4 stations, 2 exercises per station which are performed in a super set fashion. Approximately 45 min long.

So who wants to be a superhero?

Team Training Times:

Min of 6 per team. Max of 8
 once approved

Mon & Wed 6:30am

Tuesday 4:15pm

Friday 7pm
Saturday 6:00am & 8am
 Sunday 7:00am & 8:00am 
45min sessions
$20.00 per session.



So you can see, feel, and hear first hand what we are all about! Workout alongside members just like you wanting to improve their lives!(must be used within 7 days). SIGN UP BELOW.

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2 Week Trial Membership for only $67

In 2 weeks its very common for our members to see and feel dramatic positive results in your body and mind!
Its a real chance to get to know everyone and see if we make a great fit for you!
( First time members only)

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