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From the desk of: Butch Nieves
Mr. America / Mr. USA
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Dear Friend:

  • Do you want to train from a top flight fitness expert with success at the highest level of international bodybuilding competitions?
  • Ladies, do you want to tone up your butt and legs, and guys, do you want finally get rid of your gut?
  • Are you ready to get proven results or receive your money back?

My name is Butch Nieves, and before I became a top Bronx personal trainer for three decades, I was a former Mr. America and Mr. USA. I’ve placed in the top 4 in competitions such as Mr. Universe and the World Championships, and I’m in the NABBA Hall of Fame.

Things didn’t always come easy for me, however. At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with severe asthma, and throughout my early childhood, I could hardly handle any excitement whatsoever, let alone undertake serious physical activity.

That means that I know what it’s like to have to work hard to achieve a goal, and push past obstacles in order to see success.

With dedication and intelligent training, I went from 5’8″ and 153 pounds to 230 pounds and 3% body fat. Those are the results that I was able to get for myself, and that’s the experience you can learn from when you choose me as your new personal trainer in the Bronx.

As your Bronx personal trainer, I’ll work with you to get you the specific results that you crave, while developing a unique plan based upon your needs, and your body.

You’ll finally start seeing real, consistent fitness results, and you’ll feel confident, powerful and sexy.

A note from Butch
As owner of Mr. America’s Personal Training, my mission and focus is to help you reach your fitness goals faster and get amazing results in half the time it would take you on your own or with a “regular” trainer. And I’ve been doing just that since 1987!
If you’re looking for fluff-free workout solutions that deliver incredible results in the shortest amount of time possible, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!
We do the impossible!

As a world class athlete having won such notable bodybuilding titles as Mr. America, Mr. USA and the American National Bodybuilding Championships, including placing in the top 4 at the Mr. Universe and the World Championships, my workouts have proven to create amazing results. I know what it takes to get you lean, sexy and strong.


Reach Your Fitness Goals Today with Mr. America – the Best Bronx Personal Trainer
  • Reach your fitness goals and feel confident, powerful and sexy
  • Train from a world renowned fitness professional
  • Receive individually tailored, unique workout plans built for success
  • Get quick, guaranteed and measurable results at affordable prices

Mr. America’s Personal Training isn’t new to the scene. We don’t preach crazy fads; we utilize proven, tried and true training strategies.

I’ve been a Bronx personal trainer since 1987, and I’m ready to share my experience at the highest levels of fitness competition with you, so that you can reach your goals and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Both have top flight equipment, and experienced and knowledgeable trainers, along with a positive community to help you achieve your results and live the life you have always wanted.

Mr. America’s Bronx
Personal Training

  • Unique, personalized training programs designed for you, your body and your goals
  • Proficient, proven training modalities, and innovative, intelligent routines
  • In-depth fitness and health evaluation
  • Nutritional advice, meal plans and supplements
  • Tailored results for fat loss, lean muscle weight gain, cardiovascular health, and more
  • Ongoing progress check-ups and real, measurable results
  • State of the art equipment and certified fitness trainers

When you sign up for Mr. America’s Personal Training in the Bronx, you aren’t doing this alone – we’re doing it together! Our knowledgeable expert trainers will be there for you at every step of the way to ensure your success.

We don’t just help our clients with their health, we help them with their lives!

Our fitness centers offer a positive, friendly and rewarding community, where everybody works together to achieve results, smash obstacles and reach their goals.

We’re different from the run of the mill box gyms you see on every corner in the suburbs – we’re a real, dedicated team of professionals working for you and with you, and we guarantee the results that you’ll see.

Mr. America’s Personal Training
Other Fitness Programs
  • Based on the knowledge and experience of world class competition
  • Track record of success as a Bronx personal trainer for 25 years
  • Smart, innovative and fun workouts which really work
  • Quick, measurable results, or your money back!
  • Based on the newest lineup of bogus infomercials, scams and fads
  • New gyms opening up, and closing down, every year as they fail to produce results
  • “No pain, no gain, no brain!” macho plans which never work
  • Take it or leave it and pay for it either way!




"As a trainer, Butch is second to none!"

Albert said…
As a mentor, there is no better teacher. As a trainer, Butch is second to none. As a friend, he is unsurpassed. Want to be in the best shape of your life? Want to change your life? Need to leap out of the box? While others are peddling snake oils to transform your body, mind and spirit, Butch offers a training that will instill one simple but effective principle: NO EXCUSES.

"Butch makes you believe it...NO EXCUSES!!! "

Janine said…
A wise man once said…”If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” Butch makes you believe it…NO EXCUSES!!!
He is truly the best 😉

Maria Elena
"Butch is a must-have if you're serious about your health and fitness!"

Maria Elena said…
Butch is gifted with the unique talent of playing with your emotions in a way that serves you and your fitness goals. After a session with Butch, you’re tired and energized, drained and revitalized, sore and want more! Your self-confidence sky rockets when you start to see the results of your hard work at the hands and mind of Butch, your coach who never quits on you. Butch is a must-have if you’re serious about your health and fitness. Remember, you only get one body! Treat it exceptionally well!

Lou M
"Butch is right there for you giving expert instruction!"

Lou M. said…
At 63, I’ve seen a lot of trainers throughout out the years and I have to say Butch is right there for you giving expert instruction. What better way to train is there?

"He and his staff are 100% committed to achieving the clients goal!"

Angela said…
I have trained in many gyms before I came across Butch’s Studio. I knew this time was different since the moment I walked through the door. He and his staff are 100% committed to achieving the clients goal whatever it may be. Butch has helped many people not only shape their bodies but also coached them in achieving the different goals they were seeking. Many of the clients wanted to lose weight, some wanted to gain strength to make their schools football team and others were searching for more confidence. As Butch helped each of them achieve their goals he has made some lifetime friends. He has definitely made a mark in the fitness industry.

When you’re tired of wasting your time and your money, you can trust Mr. America to help you reach your goals as your Bronx personal trainer. In fact, I’m so confident that I’ll help you see better results in less time than ever before, that I’m ready to offer all my new clients a special satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Remember, if you believe it, you can achieve it!

That’s what took me from asthmatic and scrawny to 230 lbs., 3% body fat and Mr. America, and that’s what I can offer you – finally reaching your goals and overcoming the same old tired obstacles and excuses.

When you’re ready to finally break through and get the body of your dreams, to wake up every day and feel confident, powerful and sexy, then choose Mr. America as your Bronx personal trainer.


Butch Nieves
Mr. America / Mr. USA
Mr. America’s Personal Training

PS. You will see results and you will achieve your fitness goals, or you’ll get your money back. Trust the experience of a world class fitness professional, and choose Mr. America as your go-to personal training in the Bronx.