Discover How So many Bronx residents are getting into the best shape of their lives!
It’s that time again, our Biggest, Baddest Fat Loss Challenge of the year!
Challenge starts Sept 8, 2019
Spots Are Limited! Call 718-824-7447
This challenge is the perfect way to attain your fitness goals and have fun!
Are you ready to be our next success story?
Here's What You'll Get...
Our Simple, Yet Powerful Recipe for Success
Comprehensive Program All the Way to Your Soul
Unlimited access to all our fat burning boot camps
You will never leave our studio feeling unaccomplished. We will push you to be your best so you can improve your fitness and get one step closer to your goals every time you walk through our door.
Specially designed meal plan to burn fat and keep you healthy and strong
Learn exactly what you need to be eating to optimize your results and get the body you have always wanted while eating nutritious, healthy, and balanced meals.
Encouraging Team Environment
Your fellow challenge participants and trainers will be there every step of the way to ensure you are feeling confident and motivated throughout the entire process.
Peer Support
Access to a private Facebook group for all our challengers to ask any questions they may have and to post useful information that will help, inspire and educate everyone in the group.The name of this group will be Mr.America's 2018 Turkey Challenge.
Everything You Need to Succeed
You will receive a success kit with tools to help you dominate your challenge. We will have a live Facebook session once every week for our challengers.
Live Events & Hands-on Coaching
Important seminars & event dates to mark down on your calendar!
This 12 Week Challenge Starts, Sunday September 8th!
Lose To WIN!! We Will Be Offering Prizes For The Largest Percentage Of Weights Loss.
Presenting the 2019 Turkey Challenge Rules!

This is a 12 Week Weight Loss Program that starts on September 8th, which will be our first weigh-ins, pictures and orientation / fitness workshop.
The person who loses the highest % of body weight by Thanksgiving will win the grand prize a Full years membership worth over $1,700. There will be 3 place winners.
Winners will be announced at our Annual Turkey Bowl held on  Thanksgiving morning. (Must be present to win) 

When you finish this program, I guarantee you will feel unstoppable!
The results of the winners will be Epic & Life Changing!
You will not want to miss out on our friendly and fun 2019 Turkey Challenge that will motivate you to work hard and reach your goals!
Sign up today for 12 weeks of high-intensity Fat melting workouts that will make you stronger and sexier! 
September 8th –   Weigh-ins & before pictures taken!
November 24th –  After pictures taken & photo shoot
November 28th –  Turkey Bown - Winnters will be announced

(The events below must be scheduled in our free app "New York Fit Body Boot Camp")
Go ahead & Sign up  by 9/6/19
Create the Best Version of Yourself Starting Now!!
This program is our BIGGEST transformation challenge of the year. Are you ready?
Just one time payment of $397 Today
Registration Ends 9/6/2019
Boot Camp Schedule
Stop doing the same boring fitness routine that is showing little to no results. Take a look at what my heart pumping workouts have done for my clients - now it’s your turn!
Look... these people are amazing people but there's "nothing special" about them when it came to weight loss, in fact most have a "difficult time losing weight" and have had many failed attempts!
What are you waiting for?
You are no closer to getting into the best shape of your life then you are right now!  
Simple, we just need to know you're going to give us your TOTAL commitment.

This is the perfect opportunity to work out with people just like yourself and complete rewarding workouts that will slim down and tone up your body in just 12 short weeks! Our trainers want to see you succeed and will keep you motivated and excited about your workouts. 
Let us know if you have any questions - we cannot wait to meet you! 
  • First you must be a current member. Not on a promotion like a 6 week or 30 day.
  • ​There is a $100 buy in for all current members.
  • ​For non- current members or new members the cost will be $397.
  • The first weigh-ins & pictures will be on Saturday Sep 8th at 10am.
  • ​There will be a special Facebook group for all our challengers to post any questions, concerns and also to help motivate each other.
  • ​You must be weighed in every Monday am or pm at the studio before any boot camp.
  • ​If you miss a weigh-in you must pay $20.00 each time.
  • We will hold several seminars for a Q&A to help you with nutrition and training right up to the finale. Dates and times will be announced.
  • The last weigh-in will be at the Turkey Bowl where the winner will be announced! You must be present to win
  • ​And the most important rule, Train Hard Train Smart and HAVE FUN!
My guarantee to you, is that my team and I will do everything in our power to help you, and if give us your all with consistent action we will all win as a Team!!

This challenge is pretty simple, To win all you have to do is finish! 

No excuses! This is your Time!!
I have lost a total of 42 pounds and there is so much more I want to accomplish!
“This challenge lasted three months. I had setbacks but I kept going. I kept pushing myself. I didn't win the challenge but I am winner in my own eyes. Since joining Fit Body Bootcamp, i have lost a total of 42 pounds and there is so much more I want to accomplish. I’m thankful for my trainers and the amazing people I have met through this journey in my life. Don't ever give up!”

-Jazmine Cisneros
I love you guys! Thank you for never giving up on me!
“Wow where did the time go! You have built an amazing fit family. Lovely coaches, mentors, friends and we are stronger than ever. Thank you again to my amazing coaches, mentors and friends who don't give up on us and keeps pushing us. Thank you for showing us how strong we are, the Big Pappa AKA Lion Butch Nieves, the freak master Derek Batista, the captain Himknownas Hector, and Dr. Evil Ariel Lewis-Ballester, can’t forget my favorite of all! The Queen of the Blue Jungle Gissania Roman. I love you guys! Thank you for never giving up on me!”

-Natasia Daljeet
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