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    “I lost 26 Pounds!”

    Hi, my name is Sacha Alvarez, I’ve been attending New York fit body BOOTCAMP for about 3yrs now. All I can say I love this place and obsessed with their workout routines. I recently entered a challenge where I lost 26 pounds. The best transformation I ever had in my life. It felt very good to set a goal and accomplish it. Despite all the negative things people will say. Fit body BOOTCAMP is a place where it will bring consistency positive and encouraging attitudes. I develop a very high confidence and feel so great about myself. And for that, I’m appreciated for what Butch Nieves brings to the table. I’m a mother of three. A 16, 15 and a 7 yr old. And I feel energized and stronger than ever. Set a goal and accomplish it. It’s the best feeling you will ever have. If I can do it with a family of five and a full-time job, so can you. It takes sacrifice and no excuses. I thank God for Butch Nieves and his amazing team. For all their dedication and amazing workout routines. Fit body BOOTCAMP is not just a place to go workout out but a home where you will be excepted and loved. Every single person in there is amazing and has a story to tell. I’m glad I have this opportunity to share my experience. Please come and check us out. You will not regret it.

    Sacha Alvarez