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    “I am 48 years young and fitter than I have been in my life!”

    This Fitness studio has changed my life! I would not have lost 40 pounds and learned how and when to eat if it wasn’t for the wonderful Coaches at Mr. America’s Fitness! I am proud to say I am 48 years young and fitter than I have been in my life! I also learned that you need to know your WHY! Thank you Butch Nieves! I know my why and that’s why I keep going. I will not be another statistic of a middle aged Hispanic with diabetes and high blood pressure and receiving validation during my last physical was the most amazing feeling! My lab results were so amazing that my doctor had to ask what I was doing – of course I said “bootcamp and meal plan!”. It’s up to you to commit but it helps when you have the support and the guidance from those who KNOW how to LEAD! It’s more than a gym or a place to work out, it’s a family affair. The camaraderie from your fellow bootcampers is paramount! WE are here to lift each other up and hold ourselves accountable.