Reopening Protocols -

How Mr. America's Training Camp is Keeping You Safe

After a few very long and stressful months of quarantine, Governor Cuomo has begun the reopening process for our state, and that means that Mr. America’s Training Camp is also preparing some reopening protocols of our own. While we have been proud to continually provide online virtual bootcamp sessions during this quarantine and crisis, we miss seeing everyone at our gym! We miss seeing everyone working hard and being determined to improve their physical fitness.

But this crisis is not over just yet, so as much as we would like to see all of your hard-working faces, we still have to be precautious as we begin our reopening protocols. We are taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of our trainers and our customers. Check out Mr. America himself discussing our reopening protocols in the video above, and keep reading to get a brief rundown of what we are doing at Mr. America’s Training Camp to keep you safe and fit!

As we reopen our location in the Bronx, we have a few protocols in place to ensure the safety of all trainers and customers.


Pre-Book on Our App -

In order to maintain safe numbers and enough space to practice social distancing in our gym, we are requiring customers to reserve a training slot on our app. That way, you can have a scheduled time to get the fitness training you need, while minimizing the amount of people you interact with. Check out our app on the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.


Sanitation and Thermometer Testing -

At our gym entrance, we will have a sanitation station with a hand sanitizer dispenser, disinfectant wipes, as well as an infrared thermometer, to ensure that everyone entering our space will not put anyone else at risk.


Social Distancing -

To maintain effective social distancing, we have spread out each individual deck and workout space by 7 feet, so you are as isolated as possible from others at your station. We are also keeping a limit of no more than 12 people in the building at a time, as well as spacing out all bootcamp and team training session times in order to minimize interpersonal interactions and allow for time to re-sanitize each area.


Trainer Testing -

Trainer Testing - For our team of wonderful and dedicated trainers, we have tested all of them for the coronavirus, and are happy to report negative results across the board. We also test every trainer for fever symptoms on a daily basis with our infrared thermometer, to ensure that we are keeping all of our customers and employees safe.

Personal Fitness Training - Mr. America’s Training Camp

As happy as we are to host virtual bootcamp sessions (sessions we will continue even after reopening), we miss seeing our people in our gym. While the dates for reopening have not been finalized yet, our team is committed to providing as safe and effective a personal training space as possible for our dedicated clients. Contact us today to learn more about our reopening protocols, our virtual bootcamps sessions, or just how you can start on your personal fitness journey.